I was shocked when I initially went through postpartum psychosis. My newborn baby had just entered the world, and I was experiencing an emotional rollercoaster. Everything appeared to be out of control, chaotic, and overwhelming.

Although the signs of this mental health condition can be frightening and challenging to manage, assistance is available. I understood that other mothers also faced these difficulties after talking to my doctor. Every year, postpartum psychosis affects thousands of women worldwide.

Depending on the person, it may show itself in various ways; for me, it included racing thoughts, severe mood swings, paranoia, and feelings of guilt or shame towards my role as a parent. It can be challenging to absorb and control these strong feelings on your own, so it’s critical to seek support. I was given medicine, and through counseling and relaxation techniques, I learned how to practice self-care.

Although frightening, my experience with postpartum psychosis was also illuminating. It made me realize how crucial it is to be kind to myself as a parent and to have faith that adjusting to being a new parent takes time and effort. You can go through it feeling healthier, more self-assured, and capable of taking care of both yourself and your child with the correct assistance. Although it has been a difficult journey, I am now a better mother than I was before. I’m incredibly appreciative of everyone who has supported me during this.

No matter how difficult things become for you, remember that there is aid available and you are not alone. Don’t be hesitant to reach out since your mental health is just as important as that of your child. With the proper assistance and care, postpartum psychosis can be treated. You can do this super moms!

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